Call to Worship: Desire for God

Here’s a responsive reading for use as a call to worship based on Psalm texts that express a deep desire for God.  The prayer following may be paired with the reading.  All texts are quoted from the CEB.

Call to Worship: Based on Pss. 27:4, 42:1-2a, 63:1-2, 84:1-2

God! My God! It’s you— I search for you! My whole being thirsts for you! My body desires you in a dry and tired land, no water anywhere.

Just like a deer that craves streams of water, my whole being craves you, God. My whole being thirsts for God, for the living God.

I have asked one thing from the Lord— it’s all I seek: to live in the Lord’s house all the days of my life, seeing the Lord’s beauty and constantly adoring his temple.

How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord of heavenly forces! My very being longs, even yearns, for the Lord’s courtyards. My heart and my body will rejoice out loud to the living God!

Come, my heart says, seek God’s face.

Lord, I do seek your face! 


God, you have called us to come to you.  You have brought us here – to this place, this hour, this act of worship.  And we have come.  We come to know you and love you, and to experience your love that is better than life.  Our hearts are open to receive, our hands our lifted to bless, and our lips are parted to praise you.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.