Here are some websites that you might enjoy, including our church website:

Church Website:

My Sermons:

Common Prayer:

Online Biblical Training:

Bible Gateway:

Assemblies of God USA:

Assemblies of God Northern California and Nevada:

Wabash Center Internet Guide:

Religion Online:

Anabaptist Network:

Christian Classics Library:

Christianity Today:

Plough Quarterly:


Worship Planning Resources:

Worship Music Resources:

Christian Care Ministry Medi-Share (Heathcare Sharing):

Hedgebuilders Internet Filtering:


2 thoughts on “Links

  1. Happy to see the sermon audio files are available again. It was nice to hear your voice and even better to hear such good, simple, educated preaching. It was wholesome, humbling, and challenging at the same time. 🙂 Very glad to see where your life is going. God bless you and your family, as deeply and fully as you can be.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Suzanne. Yeah, our patient sound tech got everything up again. Glad you enjoyed listening. The best to you and yours also.

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