Going Deeper – 2 Sam. 22

“With My God” – 2 Sam. 22

Questions for discussion/reflection:

  • The Hebrew conjunction in v 30, which is the source of the message title, can be rendered as “with” or “by.” What different sense does each word convey?  What do you think best fits with this chapter and with what you’ve learned of David’s life?
  • Identify the metaphors David uses to describe God in vv 2-3. What do they word pictures convey?  In what ways do you identify with any of these?  How does it help you to think of God these terms?
  • While David touts his own integrity in vv 21-25, we know that he was far from morally perfect. There is place in our life with God for both the pursuit of moral living and the need for divine mercy.
    • How do you keep these two things—personal morality and divine mercy—in tension, each having a proper place in your life?
    • Peter quotes God’s words from Lev.19:2 in a way that allows for them to be construed as a command or promise: “You shall be holy, for I am holy” (1 Pet. 1:16). How can both of these possibilities be true?  How does help with the above tension?
  • David exuberantly expresses confidence that with his God he can overcome anything. What is the basis for this confidence?  Where do you need this confidence in your life?  What would help you receive this confidence right now?

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