Going Deeper – 2 Sam. 16-18

“Seasons of Suffering” – 2 Sam. 16-18; Pss. 3, 55

Questions for discussion/reflection:

  • Make a list of your life’s “seasons of suffering,” times when you went through a particularly tough trial. How did each trial test your faith?—build your faith?
  • In what aspects of his life was he tested in these chapters (e.g., as a king, father, believer, etc.)? In what ways did he suffer?  How did he respond?  Read and reflect on Psalms 3 and 55, a couple of his prayers in relation to these events, as you consider his response.
  • One way David responded to his trials was to pray. In prayer, David’s relationship with God grew stronger and he found strength to walk through hard times.
    • When hard times drive us to God in prayer, what positive outcomes may happen in our lives? (Consider David as an example).
    • In seasons of suffering, we may be tempted to cope through bad habits (e.g., drugs, heavy drinking, sexual sins, or simply evasion through excessive entertainment, etc.). Why are these ultimately dead ends?  What does prayer do that nothing else can?
  • David becomes a humbler, more compassionate person through his season of great suffering. What was it about David’s attitude in suffering that enabled him to grow personally and spiritually?  How can his example encourage and challenge you?

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