Bible Reading Plan

A common new year’s discipline for Christians is to attempt to read the Bible in a year.  There are myriad reading plans that guide one through the Bible in a year and I’ve shared some that I find especially helpful with you before.

However, I have found that to read through the entire Bible in a year is a little much for me, at least some years.  If you have found the same problem, then consider this reading plan that I’ve drawn up (see the chart below).  It takes you through the entire Bible in two years, with the Gospels read twice, and the book of Psalms nearly five times (if you only read one psalm each day).  I’ve emphasized the Gospels to keep the life and teaching of Jesus central during both years in this cycle.  Also, the psalms present a prayerful entryway into each day’s readings.

Do the math to determine how many chapters you need to read in each book to finish them by the 25th of the month (or a bit earlier if you like). This way, you can use the last 5-6 days (or more) in the month to study particular parts of the month’s readings in greater detail. Or you can simply plan to finish the readings by the end of the month.

Daily readings are not assigned in order for you to customize the schedule to your liking. You can read the OT book(s) then the NT book(s), or vice versa, or a combination of OT and NT each day.  If there’s a shorter book assigned for the month, you might consider reading it when you have enough time to do so in one sitting.  This is a great way to get a feel for the big picture and thought flow of the book.  Then you’ll have time to come back to it later and study more in depth.

Begin each day’s readings with one or more psalms. Start over when you finish the book.  If you read one psalm each day you’ll read through the Psalms almost five times in two years.  Some days you may wish to read more than one psalm; if so, go for it!

I pray that if you use this reading guide (or any Bible reading plan) God will meet with you each day as you ponder his living word and abide in his loving presence.

Year 1:                        

January Genesis Colossians
February Exodus 1-3 John
March Leviticus Luke
April Numbers Acts
May Deuteronomy 1-2 Timothy
June Joshua Mark
July Judges, Ruth Romans
August 1 Samuel Hebrews
September 2 Samuel John
October 1 Kings 1-2 Thessalonians
November 2 Kings 1-2 Peter
December 1 Chronicles Matthew


Year 2:                        

January 2 Chronicles 1 Corinthians
February Ezra and Nehemiah 2 Corinthians
March Esther Mark
April Job Ephesians
May Proverbs James
June Ecclesiastes, Song of Songs John
July Isaiah Titus
August Jeremiah, Lamentations Galatians
September Ezekiel Matthew
October Daniel, Hosea Jude and Revelation
November Joel-Habakkuk Philippians, Philemon
December Zephaniah-Malachi Luke

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