Going Deeper – Acts 12

Title and Text: “Shades of the Supernatural” – Acts 12


  • Reflect on a time when you experienced God’s power in a profound way. What were the circumstances? How did you experience God’s power? What was the result?


  • Have you ever heard that someone’s (maybe your own) suffering was due to sin and/or weak faith? How might the opposite of this be true, namely, that suffering may be a badge of discipleship?
  • What does Jesus’ death on the cross tell us about how God redeems suffering? How has “taking up the cross” to follow Jesus involved suffering for you? Have there been any benefits to this in your life and/or for others?
  • If God can supernaturally deliver one of his people from danger, like in this story with Peter, why wouldn’t he?
  • The humor of the incident with Peter outside the house full of Christians is palpable. How does this mood contribute to the impact and meaning of the story?
  • Herod did a lot of evil, including the execution of James to open the chapter. Yet his death is attributed to his failure to “give God the glory,” taking praise for himself instead. How might we do the same today?
  • What do we learn about God, about his sovereignty and power, in this chapter?


  • Pastor Nate suggested the appropriate response to any demonstration of God’s supernatural power is to worship. This week, pay special attention to how God is working in and around you and respond with acts of worship/service to God.

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