Going Deeper – Acts 1:1-11

Title and Text: “The Story Begins…or Continues” – Acts 1:1-11


  • What difference does it make to read Acts as the continuation of the gospel story (particularly the Gospel of Luke) instead of reading it as a self-contained story?


  • The foundation of the church consists of the life and teachings of Jesus and his death and resurrection (vv 1-3).  What “false foundations” does the church sometimes stand upon?  How can we keep our footing on this Christ-centered foundation?
  • The Holy Spirit plays a prominent role in the formation and mission of the church and receives significant emphasis in this opening passage in Acts.  What does Jesus teach us about the Holy Spirit here, particularly the Spirit’s relationship to the church?
  • Jesus clarifies the focus of the church.  What do vv 6-8 reveal about what our focus is not to be and what our focus is to be?
  • Jesus’ words about the church’s witness in v 8 have a centrifugal (outward moving) momentum.  What does it mean to be Jesus’ “witnesses”?  What can help our congregation be outwardly-focused in mission?
  • Both the power of the Spirit (v 8) and the promise of Jesus’ return (vv 9-11) give us hope as we bear witness in the world.  How do you experience the Spirit’s empowerment for mission?  How does the promise of Jesus’ return motivate your witness?


  • Spend time each morning this week in prayer, asking God to fill you with the Holy Spirit so that you can share the message of Christ with others, in word and deed.  Go into the day w/faith that God’s Spirit is with you in all you say and do.

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