Going Deeper – Revelation 14

Topic and Text: “Politics: Part 2” (The Politics of the Lamb) – Revelation 14


  • Where do you see Jesus at work in the world today?  Where are there signs of his healing, hope, and love?


  • How do you worship the Lord in your daily life?  What effect does Sunday worship have on you?  What difference does such worship make in the midst of the violence and immorality of our times?
  • In what ways do you practice the discipline of listening to God’s word personally?—corporately?  How do these disciplines help you to live in obedience to the Lord?
  • How does it change your view of the final judgment to see that the blood which is shed in these Revelation texts is the blood of the Lamb and his followers?
  • Read 1 Peter 2:21-24.  What aspects of Jesus’ example does Peter hold up for our imitation?  How is this similar to the Lamb in Revelation?  What does all this mean for our daily way of life as followers of the Lamb?


  • Examine the spiritual disciplines in your life (which do you practice, how often, etc).  Consider one or more of the following practices which the Lord can use as a means of grace to form the life of Christ in you:
    • Follow a daily scripture reading plan.  After your reading, pick one passage you read to reflect on.  Don’t just read a daily devotional; read the Bible itself.
    • During the season of Advent (Dec 1-24) fast from some kind of food (except on Sundays).  Allow the awareness of what you’re missing to draw you to Jesus.
    • To train you in attentive listening to God’s word, take notes during Sunday sermons or any other Bible studies you attend.  Talk with your spouse or a friend later about what you learned and what God is saying to you.
    • Memorize 1 Peter 2:21-24 over the course of one week.  See how these words can become a part of your life, as you seek to follow the Lamb.

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