Book of the Month – September 2013

Here’s the book of the month for September:

Dissident Discipleship: A Spirituality of Self-Surrender, Love of God, and Love of Neighbor by David Augsburger (Brazos Press, 2006)

In Dissident Discipleship David Augsburger gives a courageous and compelling call to Christian discipleship.  He draws our attention to a Jesus-shaped spirituality lived out in community in ways that subvert the social status quo. He explores seven areas of radical discipleship, each rooted in the Anabaptist tradition that forces us to deal with the life and teachings of Jesus for what they are: radically counter-cultural and relentlessly loving. This kind of discipleship is dissident in the way it refuses to settle for models of discipleship that amount to nothing more that capitulating to the values of American society.

Peppered with helpful illustrations from history and personal experience, Augsburger’s writing style is passionate, vivid, bold, and unpretentious. His use of words helps us encounter familiar concepts in fresh ways.  If you have felt that there must be more to living in Christ than simply going to church, doing nice things, and being a good American citizen, this book is for you!  Moreover, the book would be perfect for a book group.

Happy reading!


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