Going Deeper – Habakkuk 1:1-11

Title and Text: “The Problem of Unpunished Evil” – Habakkuk 1:1-11


  • Make a list of some current instances of injustice in the world be as specific as possible).


  • The prophet Habakkuk questions God as to why he hasn’t done something to judge the evildoers who cause injustice for others.  Does Habakkuk’s questioning reveal his faith or faithlessness?  Is it okay for people of faith to have questions instead of answers?
  • Review God’s answer to Habakkuk in vv 5-11.  How would you summarize God’s response to Habakkuk’s questions?  How do you think Habakkuk felt about what he heard?
  • There is a tension between present justice in this world and future justice in the kingdom of heaven, since the kingdom of heaven has begun to come but isn’t fully here.  In this light, what is to be the church’s role in pursuing justice for the oppressed?
  • Pastor Nate suggested that the response of faith to the problem of unpunished evil is to pray with confidence because God hears and heeds us.  How does prayer combat evil?—affect injustice?—strengthen faith?


  • Look at the list you made earlier of injustices in the world.  Spend time now, and in days to come, praying for these situations and the people affected by them: both the oppressed and oppressors.

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