Going Deeper – 1 Kings 12:25-13:34

Title and Text: “A King’s Priorities” – 1 Kings 12:25-13:34


  • Are there any worship practices, whether of your church or another, that make you uncomfortable?  (Examples may include certain forms of the Lord’s Supper, prayers, use of spiritual gifts, etc).


  • Jeroboam appeared a religious innovator, but was thoroughly disobedient to God’s law.  Are there inventive worship practices today that seem incompatible with scripture?  What worship practices may detract from the object of our worship: God?
  • Jeroboam was charismatic and creative, but lacked godly character.  What is more important in a leader: charisma or character?  Why do you think we are often drawn more to charisma than character?  Think of biblical examples of leaders who had charisma at the expense of character and those who had character if not great charm.
  • Jeroboam used religion for his personal profit.  What are ways that we might exploit the church for personal gain?  What attitudes and actions can help us stay grounded in scripture and focused on God in worship?
  • The story of Jeroboam, the man of God, and the prophet (13:1-34) is disconcerting.  With which of these three characters do you most identify?  What can you learn from their example?


  • Reflect on what may make you forsake obedience and pursue your own way (it might be convenience, comfort, self-preservation or advancement, etc).  Make your priority this week (and hopefully beyond that) to be obedient to God’s word without compromise.
  • The next time you’re in corporate worship, make a special effort to keep God’s pleasure, not yours, as the object (ask, “Does God like this?” instead of “Do I like this?”).  My guess is that in doing this, you’ll be pleased as well.

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